Thursday, 8 March 2012

Karly Stoker

I am currently studying at Cleveland College of Art and Design, doing a Degree in Textiles and Surface Design. I am half way through my Final Major Project and I'm specialising in fashion fabric prints. I hope to become a fashion fabric designer and work my way up in the design industry. I have a huge passion for printing and love trying out new techniques and experimenting with my designs.
When I finish this year I will be moving to London to complete a series of work placements/Internship, I will then gain industry experience that could then lead to exciting opputunities.
My Final Major project is all about colour and texture. I have named it 'Natural Abstration'. I want my final collection of prints to be eye catching and reflect my spring/summer theme and fashion awareness research.

Here are some images of my work from my FMP so far:

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