Friday, 30 March 2012

Working 9 till 5!!!!

Happy Easter Everyone!
Enjoy you break then its back to working hard, just like Becca, Helen and Jen!

CD's for Print Source New York

Here is our lovely CD for Print Source New York! We will be handing them out to companies who are attending the trade show.
The CD includes a CV and images of each students work, hopefully there will be some exciting job oppertunities or work placements as a result of this!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Only 8 Weeks To Go!

There are only 8 weeks left until we hand in our FMP!
Everyone is busy developing their designs preparing for their final collections!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Pauline Easby

Hi I’m Pauline; a part time student who after six years had finally reached the last year of my degree. I have enjoyed every minute of my time here, firstly I have had time to myself away from family, bills and housework learning how to be creative, professional and confident which often gets lost once you become a mother, wife, old etc. CCAD has had a very positive inspiring influence of my life and my outlook, in fact I have found I have a particular skill with embroidery. I did do needlework when I was at school, which shows how old I am as its now called Textiles and DT, but I had never copied a drawing using a needle and thread until I started this degree course. Over the past six years that  I have been here my embroidery skills, ideas and designs have really developed  yet even now I can’t believe I am in my final year specialising in embroidery.

My embroidery is no longer a copy of my drawing, (although I do think I will return to this) it is now more expressive, capturing a mood, or in this case encapsulating my concept which is based on Innocence, passion and restraint.   My concept is very personal and inspired by my sister who married her first husband when she was in her teens and very, very innocent and na├»ve. This innocence was soon lost, and coloured with pain, leading her to restrain her feelings, life and who she was as a person in order to survive an abusive relationship. Although my sister remarried again, to a really nice man, she continued to  hold onto  (deep inside her head ) abusive words that she had constantly been told. Last year She heard her first husband had died, which brought back everything, even remembering she once loved the man who broke her. Her courage, love and kindness to everyone inspired me to focus on other women who are strong but don’t shout about it. My final major project is for all women out there even the Royals who have lost their first love for whatever reason and which has therefore changed them as a person. 

My embroidery is a story which will hopefully read differently by anyone who views it. Let me know what you think, I would love to know if it sparks a memory, story, etc. for you and if you would be willing to share it with me.

Jessica Walker

Jessica sees herself as a very innovative Card and Gift designer; she prides herself on looking for gaps in the market rather than conforming to current trends. Her target audience is mainly young adults however her work has the ability to appeal to all ages. Her work is textually based but she is also enthusiastic about using digital methods, combined together they prove to create an overall interesting injection to the market. When Jessica has finished her education she plans to acquire a job in the card and gift industry for commercial and mass produced designs, this is to gain experience in the gift market, so she will then have the knowledge required to branch into freelance work. Within 5 years she hopes to be successful in creating her own well-known brand. Jessica prides herself on creating passionate designs, which are individual and have a very personal feel; she wants to create designs to feed her passion, not for money.

Holly Stevens

I want to design for children’s interiors and will be looking at creating interactive wallpaper for this project.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Jennifer Robinson

I specialise in fashion fabrics and I’m currently in the process of creating a collection of printed lengths for Spring/ Summer 2013. My theme is called Allergenic and is based on the allergies of summer. I’ve looked at plant cells under the microscope and drew from plants, flower sap and molecules. I’ve completed my drawings and layouts and I’m at the stage of sampling in the dye lab and testing colours. I will be using a mix of techniques from traditional screen printing to digital designs. For my final show I have been sponsored by Kemtex Industrial Supplies which has helped me source dyes and technique kits that will help with my backgrounds. I have also confirmed internships for over the summer at Amanda Kelly and Mirjam Rouden; I previously gained work experience in London studios; Pattern Textiles and Keeler Gordon.

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